Work Experience Letter

This letter is to verify that Susana Stolear was employed by Fanny Haim and Associates, Inc. (FHA), as a full-time employee from (7/24/06) to (5/04/13).

Susana has excellent leadership skills, with only a few years in the company, she was promoted to head
of the architectural department. In this role, her responsibilities included:

- Responsible for departmental project development and coordination
- Developed conceptual space planning and managed the detailed execution for projects
- Presented architectural solutions to clients on a regular basis
- Provided discipline input into the design of all projects
- Oversaw development of detailed design plans
- Managed General Contractors to ensure compliance with FHA standards and expectations
- Manage client relations for residential and commercial projects

Susana has a great technical base combined with excellent communication and soft skills. This makes her a tremendous asset to any team.   She has rendered her services with the highest degree of responsibility and professionalism.